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Another year goes with a splash!

As another year at Menheniot Playgroup comes to a close, we have said goodbye to our bigger children who are off to school in September.

We were sure to give them an extra special send off on the last day of term with yummy party food, dancing and fun.

We coloured in maps and went on a treasure hunt around the churchyard to find all the gold coins. We used our maps to find the treasure by spotting the 'X's.

Our leavers decorated their own T-shirt’s and worked really hard on their designs. We marched out and under the parachute to emerge as beautiful butterflies ready to fly.

Then it all descended into chaos with a massive water fight, catching out many unsuspecting parents who were waiting at the gate!

We can’t wait to see all of our little ones again in September, who will be the big boys and girls, and hopefully we will also welcome lots of new faces for another great year of fun.

We wish our wonderful leavers all the best in their next adventure, which we know they are so ready for.

Huge thanks to Emma, Anna, Penny, Mercy, Rachael, Lizzie, Carol and Jane for an amazing year and not forgetting our beautiful guinea pig Blue, who will hopefully have a new baby friend in September!

We hope to be back with our Little Owls Baby and Toddler Group on Tuesday afternoons in September. If you're interested in joining in with your little one then head over to our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest updates.

Have a great Summer and we'll see you in the Autumn!

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