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Harvest and Halloween

We've got through half a term, five litres of soap, four litres of hand sanitiser and we have all had an absolute blast... and very clean hands! We are hugely thankful to the playgroup staff, children and parents for adapting to all the changes so brilliantly.

In the last week before the half term break we got ready for Halloween by making tiny little pumpkins with clementines and bone men monsters as well as dressing up and enjoying lots of Halloween stories, crafts and games.

We've also been joining in with the church's harvest thanksgiving celebrations; listening to the hymn 'Autumn Days' whilst decorating old shoes, boots and slippers to contribute to the wonderful Autumn Trail around St Lalluwy's Church, which included a collection box for the local food bank. We had a lot of fun walking around the churchyard looking at all the lovely displays.

We have been out and about exploring the beautiful area we live in and even doing a bit of foraging. We watched bees collecting pollen on their legs and saw their tongues suck up the nectar.

We watched the maize jungle being cut which was loud and scary. It quickly turned the maize into confetti and we had great fun throwing handfuls at each other and up in the air. We all went home with it in our clothes and hair! We have had many adventures and picnics in that field this summer.

We read the enormous turnip and walked to a turnip field where we found and ate a lot of turnips. We also ate Pennywort along the way. A few daring children tried the mustard leaves, wow! Hot! Hot! Hot! We would like to say a big thank you to farmers Dellbridge and Kendall for allowing the children to walk over their fields, have such great adventures and make memories.

A lot of our usual fundraising activities can't happen this year so we've come up with a plan to have a fantastic 'Christmas Lights Up' competition! We are hoping this will bring lots of festive cheer to the community for 2020 as people are invited to get out the tinsel and twinkly lights and decorate their homes, gardens and windows for all to enjoy as they walk and drive around the area.

Due to the overwhelming support of local businesses sponsoring this event we are offering first and second cash prizes in two categories: Best Decorated Home and Best Decorated Window. Entry is free and open to anyone from Menheniot Parish and surrounding areas. Everyone who enters will also be in with a chance of winning a voucher for the Hayloft Restaurant in Menheniot or a Stanley & Rose Photography session!

If you would like to take part then all you have to do is put your decorations up and take a photo of your finished display. Send the photo to along with your name and address by 17th December. We can't wait to see all the decorations!

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