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Keeping a spring in our step

Despite everything that has been going on around us, for most of March Menheniot Playgroup remained a hive of fun activities and adventures. Although there's been a mixed bag of weather, we've been making the most of all of it.

At the beginning of March we took a trip to Tencreek Farm and had a wonderful morning walking through hailstorms and blue skies, splashing in muddy puddles and feeding the goats, pigs and hens. We floated bread boats piled high with beechnuts on the pond and snacked on biscuits and pennywort. For such a fab morning we have James, John and Cameron at The Granary Farm School to thank, so a huge thank you to them all!

We'd also like to say a huge thank you to Matt at Bodway Farm for inviting us to see the sheep and lambs at this busy time. While there we had the amazing opportunity of seeing a live birth on the sheep farm. This is an experience we will all never forget. Thank you Matt!

This month we have been learning about habitats, fossils and bones. On one of our walks we found a skull and after much research the children decided it was either a badger or a dragon skull. We took it back and examined its teeth then gave them a good brushing and talked about dental hygiene.

We have been looking at spatial awareness, balance and tree climbing skills. We climbed under the roots of a tree and sat on a bouncy tree exploring balance. We climbed into a hedge that looked like a T Rex skeleton. We held hands and ran down the valley until we fell over and rolled the rest of the way down. We also rescued three sheep that were stuck in brambles!

And last but not least, we celebrated World Book Day, dressing up as our favourite book characters, we took our favourite books outside down the valley to read.

Little Owls have had some great fun over the month too but unfortunately we have now had to stop running this group until further notice. We have instead set up an online group so we can all still meet virtually and catch up. If anyone with young children would like to be added to that group please send us an email at

At the time of writing we are closing our doors at Menheniot Playgroup and only opening for the children of key workers. We wish all our friends and neighbours well at this challenging time and cannot wait to throw open our doors again hopefully one day soon.

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