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Getting out and about in nature

Watching birds, tracking goats & helping hedgehogs; the new term is well underway at Menheniot Playgroup! On our adventures so far we've been looking at animal tracks, discovering which animals made them and looking at where they live. We tracked some goats and took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. We also made cheerio bird feeders to keep our feathered friends well fed through the cold winter months.

We love getting out and about and thanks to Graham Bray, who has very kindly allowed us to walk in the fields behind Playgroup, enjoying the surrounding countryside is now so much easier with no driving needed and no roads to walk on. We really appreciate Graham's generosity and the children have been enjoying lots of muddy walks in the fields alongside their weekly trips to the woods.

At the end of January we visited Menheniot's very own Hedgehog Rescue Centre and found out what to do if we find a sick, injured or orphaned hedgehog. Here's what to do if you find a hedgehog you are concerned about:

• Use gardening gloves to pick it up and put it in a high sided cardboard box with an old towel or fleece in the bottom for it to hide under.

• Fill a hot water bottle so that when it is wrapped in a towel there is a nice gentle heat coming through and put that in the bottom of the box with the hedgehog, ensuring there is room for the hedgehog to get off the bottle if it gets too warm.

• Make sure the bottle is kept warm, if it goes cold then it will do more harm than good.

• If the hedgehog is bleeding do not add a hot water bottle to the box as this will make it bleed more quickly.

• Put the box somewhere quiet and offer meaty cat or dog food and fresh water.

• Call Sarah at our local Hedgehog rescue centre on 07799 897372 for further advice or if you're not in the local area call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801.

More information about the society and ways to encourage hedgehogs into your garden can be found at

Looking back to last year, we'd like to thank everyone who came along and supported our fundraising events. Our Christmas Gift Fayre in St Lalluwy's Church was really well attended, it was a great opportunity to support local businesses and pick up some unique and handcrafted gifts, artisan foods, jewellery and much more. There were delicious cakes, hot drinks, soup and sausage rolls in our pop-up cafe which went down a treat as busy shoppers took a break to enjoy some refreshments whilst listening to our wonderful local handbell ringers. It was a wonderful event with a great atmosphere in a beautiful setting. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We ended the term with our fantastic Nativity production on Friday 13th December at St Lalluwy's Church. With mince pie and hot drink in hand, everyone enjoyed a very entertaining performance with some members of the audience participating. The children performed amazingly and it was very much enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks to all who donated refreshments as well as those who purchased our Christmas Draw tickets, the winners were picked at the end of the performance.

And finally, a reminder that our Little Owls baby and toddler group takes place in the Old School every Tuesday during term time from 1:30 to 3pm and costs just £2 per family. We have welcomed some new faces, big and small (and some bumps!), this term and we'd love to meet some more.

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