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Spring has sprung at Menheniot Playgroup

Another busy term has come to an end at Menheniot Playgroup and as a new term is about to begin we wanted to take a look back at all our adventures over the past few months.

Back in February we celebrated Valentine's Day. The children wore red and dressed up all week. They enjoyed getting creative - and a little bit messy - with lots of red paint. Everyone brought in their favourite teddies for a teddy bear's picnic.

In March we welcomed the Spring with a trip to Tregartha Farm! Lowenna showed us all her new baby calves and her dogs Fraser and Forest the new puppy. We ate our snack in the barn and had some Cathedral City cheese that Lowenna's farm produce the milk for. We fed the chickens and checked for eggs. After a lovely walk to see the baby lambs and a cuddle with a newborn lamb it was time to say goodbye. Thank you to the Martins for a lovely trip. We look forward to coming back in the summer to see the beautiful flower field.

There were lots of special days to celebrate in March. Starting with World Book Day, the children dressed up and brought in their favourite books to show their friends. We had lots of fun face painting baby leopards. Next we celebrated St Piran's Day by making black and white Cornish flags as well as biscuits which we decorated to take home. Then at the end of March we celebrated our beautiful Mummies on Mother's Day by making them a handmade card and a decorated photograph frame with a cute photo of their little ones.

We have been enjoying weekly visits from Yvonnne and Charlie the dog. Yvonne tells us lots of exciting stories about Charlie's adventures and what he gets up to. The children especially enjoyed hearing about his trip to the beach where he learned to swim.

As the weather has got warmer we have enjoyed lots of lovely sunny walks around the village looking at all the beautiful flowers and insects that are coming to life One day we even visited Hazel’s pond and saw some newts!

There's so much outdoor fun to be had, from planting and enjoying our outside space at Playgroup to going on adventures around the village to the bat cave and cricket willow. We love spending lots of time in the church garden too, searching for bugs under the logs, enjoying the story chair and collecting dandelions.

We have been making instructions for growing a sunflower, cutting out all the pictures and then sticking them in the right order. We then decorated our pots and went to fill it with soil before choosing a sunflower seed and carefully planting it.

We have also been watching our caterpillars grow and turn into cocoons. Hopefully they will soon turn into butterflies.

At the end of term we looked forward to celebrating Easter by making chocolate cornflake nests to put our yummy chocolate eggs in. We had a go at mixing all the ingredients together and trying not to eat too much before they were ready! We ended the term with a lovely Easter egg hunt in the church garden, finding lots of different coloured and different sized eggs before eating them.

Now the Summer Term is almost upon us and we just cannot wait to see what that has in store for us!

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