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The end of the Spring term and Easter fun!

The summer term is here and what a start we've had! When the children returned after their Easter break it wasn't just Emma, Anna, Penny, Jane and Mercy who welcomed them back but an incubator full of ready-to-hatch eggs! The children loved watching the eggs hatch and holding the baby chicks once they emerged.

As if that wasn't enough egg-citement for one week, we also held our popular annual Easter Party on Friday 26th April where current and former Menheniot Playgroupers donned their fancy dress to show off their dance moves and their decorated Easter bonnets! Our Little Owls baby and toddler group also had their own Easter fun during their Tuesday afternoon session, with treats, crafts and the very popular egg and spoon race, which is always a hit!

Before our Easter break, the end of the spring term was filled with fun. We've enjoyed playing in our new sandpit. Even though it was a bit wet, it was perfect for building sand castles while wearing wellies and waterproof suits!

We loved being outside making tracks with the trucks in the sand and creating a jungle environment for the dinosaurs to explore. We used our imagination to turn the logs and tyres into a boat, a bus and an aeroplane with lots of balancing and team work. Inside we created a pirate ship with soft play and danced to different music.

We continued exploring our senses; comparing eye colour, naming the parts of our eyes and finding out why some people need to wear glasses. We thought about what happens when we can’t see. Using a friend to guide us around obstacles was very tricky but lots of fun!

We also talked about food we like to taste and food we don’t and we had lots of sweet, sour and savoury foods to try. We planted a herb garden and tasted some of the herbs. We also had some fun crafting and made special things to give to a special person on Mothering Sunday.

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